Aley is a picturesque town in Mount Lebanon. It is located 17 km uphill from Beirut, The word "Aley" derivatives from Aramaic, and means "high place," referring to the town's high altitude above sea level.
Aley has now taken on the character of an artistic and cultural center. Symposiums of painting and sculpture have emerged. Sculptures and monuments embellish the streets and squares of Aley.
The 200 years old stable that hosts the Art Residence and creates its intimacy was hit during the war and partially destroyed , then neglected for many years .
In July 2011, Engineer Raghad Mardini took over the restoration of the place , she cleaned and reinstalled the stone and kept the old spirit of the place, just added a fireplace and a modern kitchen with dark black top to make it practical for residents . works were completed by June 2012.
The old oak, walnut and olive trees of the garden along with the extended green grass and the organic garden gives the space the nature touch and fills it with scents , colors shades and magic .